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Make the decision today to invest in Ronco Brands, Inc., and join in our vision for growth...
Minimum Investment of $120
The Ronco brand has been synonymous with “innovation” for more than 3 generations of American consumers. Our products are found in millions of American kitchens, and provide solutions to everyday problems around your homes. Now, for the first time, you can join in fueling Ronco’s growth. Your investment will fund development of new products, expand new markets, and build a new future for an iconic American brand. New products, and expanding markets for those products, should readily translate into a growing business, and an important contributor in the lives of our customers.

The Opportunity: Ronco Mission

For over 50 years, Ronco has been dedicated to delivering innovative products that improve our customers’ daily lives, so they can spend less time in the kitchen, and more time with their families. Today, we are raising capital to continue our innovation, expand our iconic product line and grow our business to reach consumers worldwide.

Ronco Innovations

While Ronco is well-known for our successful staple products such as the Showtime Rotisserie, we thrive on expanding our deep product line and constantly creating new products used by families and households around the world.

Pizza & More®

  • This highly reviewed 13-inch pan rotates to evenly to guarantee golden crusts and crispy food.
  • The removable warming tray and baking pan have a safe, non-stick coating.
  • Cooks up to 40% faster and is up to 52% more energy efficient than a regular kitchen oven.

EZ-Store Rotisserie®

  • The easy-to-store version of the classic Ronco Showtime Rotisserie... compact and stylish.
  • The self-basting rotation locks in the flavors while the excess fat and grease drip away.
  • Cook quick, delicious and healthy meals any night of the week, using less energy.

Industry Growth Facts

  • The home appliance industry includes electrical or mechanical devices used in a household.
  • The household appliance consumption in the U.S. and Canada is projected to reach nearly $115 billion by 2020.*
  • The small cooking appliances market was valued at over $55 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow as more convenient and technologically advanced products are created.*
  • Sales in this industry are increasingly digital, leading to the increased value of brands who can now interact with consumers in new ways.

Our Legacy: Consumer Product Innovation

Ronco History

The Ronco brand was founded in 1964 by Chicago businessman Ron Popeil with the goal of inventing products that aid families in all aspects of their daily lives. Ron Popeil is the quintessential example of a self-made success story. Ron’s entrepreneurial spirit was first triggered in his youth on Maxwell Street in Chicago, a popular hub for commerce at the time. His book, “Salesman of the Century”, has resonated with Americans from every walk of life. Ron is no longer associated with Ronco but his legend lives on.

He quickly garnered fame for his phrase “But Wait, There’s More®” and was known as “the father of the infomercial” for the company’s well-known marketing efforts. Ron’s vision turned Ronco into an iconic part of pop culture. Fifty years and $2 billion in sales later, Ronco continues to invent and innovate.

For over 50 years, Ronco has created exceptionally engineered small kitchen appliances, household products, and gadgets. Ronco was sold to Austin, Texas based Ronco Holdings, Inc. in 2011.

A Word From Our President

"Ronco’s rich history, and its connection to the American home, provides us with a unique platform for growth in all our product categories. Millions of consumers consider their Ronco products as essential to their kitchens, and in their families' lives. And, we are pleased to present them with an opportunity to invest in the Company itself. I am proud of what we've built, the legacy we own, and our reputation for providing American families with such innovative products."

- Bill Moore, President
Ronco Brands Inc.

For decades, families across America have turned to Ronco for guidance in the kitchen and throughout the home. Our products and recipes have been praised in publications such as:


What is a Reg A+ offering?

Reg A+ allows companies to offer and sell securities to the public, not just to institutional or accredited investors.  In comparison to traditional registered offerings, a Reg A+ offering on Form 1-A allows smaller companies in earlier stages of development to raise money more cost-effectively.

What is the company offering?

The company is offering to the public the opportunity to reserve to purchase up to 5 million shares of its common stock, out of 19 million fully-diluted shares.

How do I buy shares?

Until our offering statement on form I-A has been qualified by the SEC, you can only reserve shares by clicking on the “Reserve Shares Now” button.  But first, please check out this page and the brochure in the documents section to learn about us and our business, and please also review the Preliminary Offering Circular, which includes investment risks.  You can also view that document on the SEC’s website.

What should I do before reserving shares?

You should read the risks, which are located in the Preliminary Offering Circular available on this page, and the terms and conditions, which are also included in that document.

When do I actually get my shares?

Once you have completed the subscription agreement, you don’t need to do anything further to purchase and receive your shares.  Once our offering statement on form I-A has been qualified, we will notify you that we are qualified, and that your form of payment will be processed.  You will receive your shares promptly after that.

How much do shares cost?

Shares cost $6.00 each, and you can buy any number of shares you choose, with a minimum of 20 shares ($120).

Other than owning shares, are there any additional benefits to investing in Ronco?

As an investor at any level, you’ll be entitled to a one-time 10% discount on your purchase at If you invest more than $1,000, you’ll be entitled to a one-time 20% discount.  If you invest more than $5,000, you’ll also receive a Ronco Rotisserie. With an investment of more than $10,000, we'll include a Ronco Ready Grill with accessories, and the first 30 individuals who invest more than $25,000 will receive a Ronco commemorative book.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen or live in the U.S. to reserve shares or invest?

While our offering statement on form I-A is only filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, investors outside the U.S. may also be eligible to buy shares.  We ask that you assess your situation to decide whether it allows you to invest in our shares.

How and when can I sell my shares?

Once our offering statement on form I-A has been qualified by the SEC and you have received your shares, you will be able to sell those shares.  While we intend to apply for our shares to be traded on either the OTCQC market or the NASDAQ or NYSE, those applications have not yet been accepted, and therefore we do not yet know which market, if any, will be available for purchases and sales of our shares.

How was the $6.00 share offering price calculated?

The valuation of the company was based on many factors, including historical performance and expectations for future sales and profitability.  The valuation was not based on any set valuation criteria, and was not based on an independent, third party valuation.

How much capital is the company attempting to raise?

We have filed to raise up to $30,000,000 by selling up to 5,000,000 of our common shares, to be used as set forth in the “Use of Proceeds” section of our offering memorandum.

Can anyone invest in Ronco Brands, Inc.?

Yes, anyone can invest in a Reg A+ offering, provided that the investment is no more than the lesser of 10% of your income or net worth.  If you click “Reserve Shares Now”, you will be asked questions to help determine your maximum investment amount.

How long will I be able to reserve shares?

You will be able to reserve shares until our offering statement on form I-A has been qualified by the SEC. At that point, the Company may choose to either leave the offering open for additional investments, or close the offering.

How do I pay for the stock?

When you click on the “Reserve Shares Now” button, you will be asked to choose either wire transfer, ACH, or credit card, and you’ll be asked to provide all the relevant information for each type of payment. Your form of payment will not be charged until our offering statement on form I-A has been qualified by the SEC.
Ronco has filed an offering statement on Form 1-A with the SEC which preliminary offering statement can be read here.  The offering statement has not yet been qualified by the SEC.  No money or other consideration is being solicited for our Regulation A+ offering at this time and if sent in to Ronco will not be accepted.  No offer to buy securities in a Regulation A+ offering of Ronco can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until Ronco’s offering statement is qualified with the SEC.  Any such offer to buy securities may be withdrawn or revoked, without obligation or commitment of any kind, at any time before notice of its acceptance given after the qualification date.  Any indications of interest in Ronco’s offering involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.  Ronco is testing the waters under Regulation A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.  This process allows companies to determine whether there may be interest in an eventual offering of its securities.  Ronco is not under any obligation to continue to make an offering under Regulation A.  If Ronco does go ahead with an offering under Regulation A, it will only be able to make sales after the SEC has qualified its offering statement.  The information in the offering statement is more complete than the test-the-waters materials and could differ in important ways.  You must read the offering statement filed with the SEC.

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