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Deluxe Accessory Kit

Fits 4000, 5000, 5500 Series Rotisseries

Everything you need to take your rotisserie to the next level! This Deluxe Accessory Kit includes the Dual Heating Tray, the Large Multipurpose Basket, 48 Elastic Food Ties and the Showtime® Knife.

  • The Dual Heating Tray sits on top of the rotisserie and uses the heat emitted to warm precooked veggies, sides and rolls

  • The Large Multipurpose Basket is perfect for larger items like corn, potatoes and even lobster

  • Comes with 48 Elastic Food Ties to truss food

  • The Showtime® Knife easily carves any roast, chicken or turkey

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This Deluxe Accessory Kit includes the following:

  • Dual Heating Tray - This unique tray uses the heat from the rotisserie as it cooks and will heat your precooked vegetables, sides and rolls to perfection!
  • Large Multipurpose Basket - This basket is 2.75 inches deep.  Perfect for larger items like corn, potatoes and even lobster!
  • 48 Elastic Food Ties - These very useful ties help keep poultry wings and legs tied in close so they don't hit the heating elements in the rotisserie.
  • Showtime® Knife- This all-purpose knife can do just about anything you ask of it. The stay-sharp edge easily carves, slices, chops and dices any meat, vegetable or fruit.

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