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Kitchen Appliances

Designed to save you time, our collection of kitchen appliances offer a variety of solutions for your culinary needs.
From rotisseries to dehydrators and pasta makers — we offer plenty of culinary tools to choose from.

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  • Pizza & More®

    Hot, Fast, Delicious Pizza... Anytime You Want!

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    The Ronco Pizza & More™ oven makes amazing pizza at home, fast! From classic to thin crust pizzas, even thick crust pies, you'll enjoy crispy, golden crusts and perfectly cooked toppings, every time with this countertop pizza oven. Create your own or add your own flare to a store-bought pie. But wait...there's more!™ This home pizza oven is also perfect for frozen chicken strips, hot wings, egg rolls, pizza rolls, jalapeño poppers, fish sticks, nachos, smores, cinnamon rolls and more. The removable Warming Tray, that sits directly on top, keeps apps warm while more food cooks.

    • 13-inch Baking Pan rotates to evenly cook your pizzas, snacks & appetizers to guarantee golden crusts and crispy food
    • Cooks up to 40% faster & is up to 52% more energy efficient than a regular kitchen oven
    • The removable Warming Tray and Baking Pan have a safe, non-stick coating
    • Get a FREE coupon for our favorite pizza dough!
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  • 4000 Series Rotisserie

    The Original Showtime® Rotisserie.

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    Enjoy perfectly slow-roasted meats any day of the week with this countertop rotisserie oven. The Ronco 4000 Rotisserie cooks large cuts of meat such as chicken, turkey, prime rib, pork roast and lamb incredibly easily with the precision-rotating spit. And because the meat rotates, it's constantly basting itself while allowing excess fat and grease to drip away. But wait...there's more!™ This iconic Showtime Rotisserie includes a rotisserie basket that lets you enjoy a variety of foods such as fish, vegetables, hamburgers and sausages. Use it once and you'll know why Good Housekeeping™ Magazine gave it 9 stars out of 10.

    • Meat is naturally basted as it rotates, locking in the juices and flavor
    • Excess fat melts away into the drip tray
    • Cook large cuts of meat to assist with healthy meal planning... Even up to a 15lb turkey!
    • Removable parts and accessories are dishwasher safe
    • Faster than a conventional oven and uses about 1/3 the electricity
    • Includes Multipurpose Basket, Rotisserie Spit, Carving Platform, Removable Drip Tray, Oven Gloves and Food Ties
    • World’s #1 Best Selling Rotisserie!

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  • Turbo Dehydrator

    EZ-Store™ Design Saves Time & Space!

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    The Turbo Food Dehydrator with EZ-Store™ design is BIG on healthy, but SHORT on time and space! With the turbo fan and adjustable thermostat, you'll dehydrate food 2-3 times faster than our standard food dehydrator. And to help save space, the BPA-Free trays nest to reduce the height by 1/3, making it easy to store in a pantry or kitchen cabinet. Get yours today and become the snack-master you're meant to be!

    • Preserves nutritious and flavorful vegetables, fruits and herbs...also makes great jerky
    • This EZ-Store™ version is designed so the drying trays nest, reducing the height by 1/3 for easy storage
    • Adjustable thermostat lets you dial in the temperature for quicker, more consistent results
    • BPA-Free Lid and trays are top-rack dishwasher safe
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  • 5-Tray Food Dehydrator

    Make 100% Natural, Healthy Snacks

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    Americans spend millions of dollars each year on beef jerky and dried fruit snacks. Now you can save that money and make your own healthy, naturally delicious snacks. Make apple chips, dried bananas, turkey jerky, beef jerky and more from the comfort of your home. Take control of what your family eats by making the snacks they crave.

    • Buy in-season fruits and veggies, then dehydrate and enjoy year-round
    • Convection heat dries foods quietly
    • Great for crafts such as ornaments and drying flowers too
    • BPA-Free trays and lid are top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
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  • Beef Jerky Machine plus 5-Piece Jerky Kit

    A One-Way Ticket to Meat-Lover's Heaven

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    Beef jerky is expensive and gone too quickly. This machine will allow you to save money and you control the ingredients. Make your own beef, chicken, turkey or pork jerky. Jerky is a must-have for any hunting or fishing trip! But wait...there's more!™ This versatile dehydrator is also great for drying fruit and herbs as well.

    • Includes 5-Piece Jerky Kit plus marinade recipes
    • Trays and lid are BPA-Free and top-rack dishwasher safe
    • Obviously for jerky, but makes great dried fruit snacks as well
    • Perfect for making dog treats
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  • Pasta & Sausage Maker

    Fresh Homemade Pasta the Easy Way!

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    Make delicious, fresh, gourmet pasta in the comfort of your kitchen. Choose your ingredients and let it do the hard work for you, extruding fresh pasta in less time than it takes to boil water! Easy, fresh pasta is just minutes away without the preservatives, additives or expensive price tag. Mama would be proud.

    • Comes with 5 pasta dies plus a sausage horn for making homemade sausage
    • Make delicious gluten-free, whole wheat or traditional pasta
    • It's fast - Makes pasta in just 5 minutes
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