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  • Turbo Dehydrator

    EZ-Store™ Design Saves Time & Space!

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    The Turbo Food Dehydrator with EZ-Store™ design is BIG on healthy, but SHORT on time and space! With the turbo fan and adjustable thermostat, you'll dehydrate food 2-3 times faster than our standard food dehydrator. And to help save space, the BPA-Free trays nest to reduce the height by 1/3, making it easy to store in a pantry or kitchen cabinet. Get yours today and become the snack-master you're meant to be!

    • Preserves nutritious and flavorful vegetables, fruits and herbs...also makes great jerky
    • This EZ-Store™ version is designed so the drying trays nest, reducing the height by 1/3 for easy storage
    • Adjustable thermostat lets you dial in the temperature for quicker, more consistent results
    • BPA-Free Lid and trays are top-rack dishwasher safe
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