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  • EZ-Store Showtime Rotisserie Blue

    5250 Series

    Lock In the Flavor & Drain Away the Fat

    The original Ronco Showtime Rotisserie revolutionized cooking forever. Now you and your family can savor all the incredible and natural flavors of rotisserie cooking with the Ronco EZ-Store Rotisserie. This easy-to-store, compact version of the Ronco classic makes delicious appetizers, entrées, even desserts! The push-button digital display takes out all the guesswork as it cooks with the precision of a commercial kitchen rotisserie. With the same cooking capacity as our standard rotisserie models, you can cook a turkey up to 15 lbs! 

    • Cook quick, delicious and healthy meals
    • Self-basting rotation locks in the flavor
    • Top & parts nest inside breaking down to only 7.75” high!
    • New digital control panel
    • Comes with Multipurpose Basket, Rotisserie Spit, Carving Platform, Removable Drip Tray, Oven Gloves and Food Ties.
    • Accessories are dishwasher safe
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  • Deluxe Accessory Kit + BONUS Liquid Flavor Injectors

    Fits 4000, 5000, 5500 Series Rotisseries

    Everything you need to take your rotisserie to the next level! This Deluxe Accessory Kit includes the Dual Heating Tray, the Large Multipurpose Basket, 48 Elastic Food Ties and the Showtime® Knife.

    • The Dual Heating Tray sits on top of the rotisserie and uses the heat emitted to warm precooked veggies, sides and rolls
    • The Large Multipurpose Basket is perfect for larger items like corn, potatoes and even lobster
    • Comes with 48 Elastic Food Ties to truss food
    • The Showtime® Knife easily carves any roast, chicken or turkey
    • BONUS: Two Liquid Flavor Injectors. Add incredible flavors to your chickens, turkeys and roasts!
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2 Item(s)

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