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Solid & Liquid Flavor Injector Kit

Marinate the Outside & Flavor the Inside Too!

This must-have accessory duo easily injects savory marinades and chunks of garlic or other herbs into your larger cuts of meat. Impress your dinner guests when you take that roast to the next level.

  • For the solid injector, choose flavor-enhancing foods such as garlic, feta cheese, spinach, olives and other herbs and spices.

  • The liquid injector is perfect for savory broths, marinades, sauces and even butter.

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Solid Flavor Injector: Load the solid injector with your favorite herbs and spices. Inject throughout your cut of meat in various places. Reload each time. 

Liquid Flavor Injector: Load the liquid injector with a savory marinade, broth or even butter.  Inject it into the meat in different areas for incredibly juicy results.

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