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Veg-o-Matic™ Deluxe

A Chopping, Slicing & Dicing Machine!

The Veg-o-Matic™ Deluxe is a new take on a Ronco kitchen classic. This Deluxe version features a no-mess, catch-all receptacle. It is sure to change the way you prepare salads and vegetables for any recipe. No mess, no injuries, just perfectly prepared produce.

  • New, modern design.

  • Comes with 5 blades to slice, dice, wedges and more!

  • Easy to use! Just one push to perfectly cut fruits and vegetables.

  • Make a healthy snack or fruit salad in seconds.

  • Instantly julienne your potatoes into french fries.

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  • Comes with catch-all receptacle to catch food as it is cut.
  • Includes 5 cutting blades: slice (2), wedge, cube and dice. Also includes grip plates and a cleaning tool.
  • Easy to use! Just one push to slice, dice, cube and wedge.
  • To use, place produce on blades & firmly press down.
  • Slice an onion without crying.
  • One-year limited warranty.

What's Included

Small Slicing Blade
Small Slicing Blade
Large Slicing Blade
Large Slicing Blade
Small Dicer Blade
Small Dicer Blade
Large Dicer Blade
Large Dicer Blade
Wedge Blade
Wedge Blade
Cleaning Tool
Cleaning Tool


Unit 6" W x 5.5" D x 6.125" H
Packaging 9.26" W x 5.44" D x 6.31" H
Item Number FS100200GEN
UPC 665860990245
MSRP $34.99

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