Dehydrated Persimmons, Nature's Candy!


Have you ever seen this random fruit at the grocery and wondered what is was? This my friends is a persimmon. Persimmons are are fairly seasonal, and not easily found- but definitely worth a try if you come across them. They kind of look like orange tomatoes but believe me, they are very different. Persimmons are sweet, juicy and have a honey like flavor.  Maybe you have heard of them, maybe you haven't but if you find them I definitely suggest dehydrating them! Like as in any fruit dehydration brings out the natural sweet flavors of the fruit and makes it almost like nature's candy. Dehydrated persimmons are absolutely delicious... if you find them at the market definitely stock up to dehydrate a few. 


There are many varieties kinds of persimmons, we choose the American variety to dehydrate. To dehydrate persimmons choose mostly ripe fruits (they will have a bit of give to the touch) that have a deep orange color. For this recipe we used our 5 tray Ronco Dehydrator. 


To Dehydrate Persimmons:

  1. Wash and dry persimmons. Slice persimmons into 1/4 inch round slices, and place onto dehydrator trays. img_0243

2. Set Dehydrator to 165° F. Plan on dehydrating for 12-18 hours. The times given are approximate. Your drying times will vary with room temperature, humidity, moisture content of the food, how thinly the food is sliced, the number of trays you are using, and personal preference.img_0248

3. Rotate your trays every 2-4 hours to promote even drying. They best way to know if your fruit is dehydrated is by looking and feeling... and maybe even tasting one. Persimmons should be fairly dry, but still pliable.
4. Store your dehydrated fruit in an airtight bag in a dry, dark place or in the refrigerator. img_0255