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The Magic Wipe - 5 Pack

$14.99 $24.99

Reducing paper waste and chemical exposure is a lot easier than you think! These 100% bamboo wood fiber cloths feature weave spacing and multi-layered construction to create a cleaning solution that effectively wipes up spills and messes, while wiping away germs and bacteria from all hard surfaces. The Magic Wipe cloths rinse out up to 99.99% of absorbed dirt and bacteria with regular tap water, making them a great alternative to paper towels, sponges, and chemical-based cleaners.

Made from renewable bamboo wood fibers, these cloths are an economic replacement for paper towels. With 8 layers of open weave construction, they clean almost anything. One Magic Wipe cloth replaces up to 45 rolls of standard paper towels!

It's stain resistant and can be used over and over in your kitchen, bathroom, on windows, cars, RVs, appliances, electronics, and boats.

  • Use regular tap water for rinsing
  • In a test cold water rinsed away 99.4% of bacteria associated with dirt after 30 seconds.
  • In a test warm water rinsed away 98.4% of bacteria associated with dirt after 30 seconds.
  • According to testing, at least 98.4% of bacteria associated with dirt can be rinsed away after 30 seconds.
  • 100% bamboo wood fiber
  • Machine wash in cold water, line dry - do not put in dryer
  • Trim colors may very

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