Innovating Since 1964

Known for the legendary tagline “But wait...there’s more,” Ronco has been creating innovative, cutting-edge kitchen appliances and accessories for almost sixty years. To date, over $2 billion Ronco branded products have been sold in America. Ronco prides itself on developing well-engineered, affordable products designed with the mantra "Always Innovating" in mind!

At Ronco, food is more than something you just eat; it’s at the heart of the dinner table. All of Ronco’s kitchen products are designed to provide an innovative way to prepare and cook the food American’s love to eat and share.

Meet Ron Popeil

Ron Popeil founded Ronco in 1964, and commercials for the company's products quickly made Ronco a household name. The names "Ronco" and "Popeil" and the suffix "-O-Matic" (used in many early product names) became icons of American pop culture, and were often referred to by comedians introducing fictional gadgets. Popeil became known as the "father of the infomercial" and helped to establish the phrase "Set it and forget it!"

The self-made millionaire is the consummate American entrepreneurial success story. Ron "Ronco" Popeil is no doubt one of America's most unique inventors. Over the past fifty years, his products gadgets have pulled in more than $2 billion in sales. Today Popeil is still going strong, even after selling Ronco in 2004. Ron resides in California where he continues to invent and enjoys spending time with his family!

Our Philosophy

Creating healthy and delicious meals is the cornerstone of the Ronco culture. Eating healthy has never tasted so good! With more than fifty years of experience creating innovative, cutting-edge, kitchen devices like pasta makers, countertop rotisserie ovens, food dehydrators, chopping gadgets and others, we improve time spent in the kitchen and around the table, so that families can share healthy, delicious meals together.

Our Leader

The iconic Ronco brand and its innovative products continue under the new leadership of HD Schulman International Trading LLC, headed by Harry Schulman, a successful and recognized, consumer products investor/manager.